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The doggo is angry D:

I hope everybody made well into 2020. A belated "Frohes Neues" from me to you :)

I used the last couple of days of 2019 to build a tiny buffer, which I'm determined to keep together until Easter at least. Let's see how far that determination actually gets me. And for those who want to read all those finished pages in my buffer I've relaunched my Patreon as I mentioned in the last update.

Join the unkindness of ravens to get sketchdumps and occasional WIP shots or join the pack of wolves to see pages earlier and get a process video of their creation. (Or be a human and have my gratitute! Some wolves I know, would kill ravens to be human once more ;P)

With enough support there's also the possibility of more updates and a faster telling of the story, if that is something to strike your fancy!

That out of the way, let me show you what the Secret Spider Santa brought me:
by DaniTheCarutor, creator of the comic "The Guide To A Healthy Relationship"

If you can stomach heavier mental health topics and toxic relationships, I absolutely recommend you give this comic a read!