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New scene and new horse~ One that is way easier to shade/highlight, too. (I may or may not have killed off the previous horse for giving me trouble with that.)

I've shortened this scene by a page and figured out a couple of other things on my agenda in the near future. I still have an short story for the next SpiderForest Anthology to finish (the sketched version can be read on Patreon and inks are posted as they are finished) and I got accepted into a Zelda (Skyward Sword) zine, so there's an illustration to be done (no sharing allowed for the time being, but once the korok's out of the sparkle Patrons get to see it first, including the process). Of course I also still have to tweak the upcoming scene and draw it (I've done nothing on it so far). So from the looks of it the hiatus might last well into summer.

Going this long without updates is a very scary thing for me. I've been thinking about posting one or both of the previous anthology stories to tide everybody over. One of those is about Kanar, so it might be fitting? (The other is 100% unrelated to SJ.)

Any thoughts?