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Last weekend I finished the last page pre-hiatus (which means the current scene is all done on Patreon!), so now I can finally get to work on the next scene proper. I've been editing, adding things and making the next scene longer in script form while commuting this week. I'm already quite happy with the first half, the second half on the other hand is a nightmare to get right haha But I'm chipping away at it. Or I was.

Thanks to Covid-19 I'm now working from home, which means no more commuting and no more exclusive scripting time. It adds two more hours back into my day otherwise, though. It will probably take a while to strike a balance and find what works best. (Nobody in my immediate environment has contracted the virus so far, this is all precaution!)

Last week I suggested posting the anthology stories of previous years to tide over the hiatus. And I think I'll post at least the Kanar-story. It's six pages, so it'll keep us afloat for a while! I've got two a couple more weeks to figure out how to do it n the website without screwing up the comments later on haha But there will be something here!