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Chapter cover! I so loved painting that snow. The concept art for this upcoming scene was done years ago and I'm so glad to have made it this far.

That being said. I did have a plan for potentially ending Soul's Journey earlier by increasing the work speed. But that got foiled by the new job being way more emotionally intensive and time consuming than I thought. I could rant for at least 2k words here about how last October has been the most miserable month of my life, because I did that in a word document, just so I could get it out of my system. However, nobody wants to read that.

The fact is, that I haven't been working on pages for about a month now. While I currently enjoy a buffer lasting me until right before the holidays and thus filling this year, this has been gnawing on me. I feel like the routine is very slowly settling in, but I'm honestly very impatient for it to be there enough that I can finally get back to drawing two pages a week and expanding that buffer.

Who knows, with some luck I might manage to blow through pages again soon :D

Also, I kinda accidentally started a NaNo project. (I don't plan on going the full 50k route and instead just write a relatively detailed outline. But yeah, that happened...)