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The shop is currently running a 10% off deal until Nov 30. It will also close for a while after that!

Looks like Namide and Sincato are having a bad day, as well.

I've got the pages for the rest of the year done and scheduled, but I'm currently thinking about taking a break beyond the holidays, perhaps all of January. Still debating this, though. I probably won't make this final until the last page for the year goes up.

I'm not feeling mentally well these days and while work exhaustion and the pandemic/general influx of bad news online certainly played their part, it's not all. The only way I've managed to reclaim some control was dyeing my hair (first blue, now pink - love that), but it's like applying a band-aid on a broken bone. A pink band-aid.

I've also not found much joy in drawing lately, to be honest I barely picked up a pencil since Linktober ended. There's always that self-imposed pressure of sharing everything and when nothing but crickets echoing back it's a huge bummer. But you know maybe the next piece will do better..... and so the cycle goes. That is also the reason why the shop will be closed for a while. I need some distance, because I'm at a point where I feel like nothing I do really works out.