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First things first: Happy Holidays! Despite everything, I hope you'll be able to have a couple of nice days ahead.

Personally, I'm not going anywhere over the holidays, which my grandparents were surprisingly okay with. Usually they insist on me coming whether I feel like it or not.(Like it's the holidays, of course I'll come, but I'm also not looking forward to driving through half the country every year.)

So, these might be the only holidays I get to actually relax or do stuff I want to do. I have no idea what I want to do, but I still have a week to decide that, right?

I also think that the work situation is finally at a point where I don't creak out in tears every other week. Things are improving, but who knows how many loops this rollar coaster still has in store.

As I mentioned a couple of updates ago, this is going to be the last page of the year. And I'll be taking most of January off from posting new pages, too. The currently planned return date is Jan 28.

There's a lot I want to have done by that date. Mostly finishing the writing part (there is only one chapter left after this one) and getting ahead with thumbnails as far as possible. In other words a lot of the heavy lifting of comic work. Drawing pages is just the most time intensive part.

The reason I want to pick up the pace a little with behind the scenes work, is that I would very much like to finish SJ in 2021 or early 2022 at latest, so I can get to other stories eventually. They had to be benched for years now, because I refused to work on more than one giant project at once (very good approach on paper, not so easy to stick to).

In other words, I'm cooking on a new recipe for burn out. :P