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And so we continue. Namide is having an idea it seems.

I've managed to accumulate a sizable buffer of 13 pages during my break. Over the half-way point of the current chapter, even. (And if you're a patron you can read all of it right away :D) Right now my goal is to keep that pace up until Easter, if the thumbnailing process is willing. Thumbnailing and scripting are the hardest parts for me when it comes to creating comics. It's looking favourable right now, though. So wish me luck that it stays this way.

Depending on the size of the buffer and my confidence in the ending of the story around Easter I may decide to bump the update frequency to two pages per week. I hope that can give a better reading pace for the ending of the comic. The ultimate goal for this year is to finish the comic as a whole. So let's get to that!

On another note, even though my store is currently closed, there are only a handful of copies of Vol. 1 on my shelf. The print-on-demand service I used for those is located in the UK, which is no longer a part of the EU. That makes using them unsustainable (it was already quite pricey, but good enough to learn the ropes and dipping my toe into printing). I'm not sure if and when more copies will be available.

((The store is another topic I've been thinking about a lot lately. I closed it early December and so far I don't have a plan to open it again. If anything I'm unlikely to keep it open continually when I eventually re-open. I've been thinking about more of a launch-based model. But that is still in a conceptual stage. The store definitely took a backseat while I concentrated on getting comic pages done.))