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Well, the day job certainly knocked the wind out of my sails this week. I feel so done at this point. There's not much else to say about this week, other than a timely Patreon plug.

I've been revamping the tiers a little, because I finally have a more solid and sustainable strategy - courtesy of a big buffer!
1.00 EUR Tier - functions as a tip jar
2.00 EUR Tier - 2 early pages ahead of the public release
5.00 EUR Tier - the entire buffer as I complete the pages and some behind the scenes stuff, like recordings, thumbnails, etc. as I have them

(Also, for the eventual re-opening of the store there's a discount code for the two higher tiers. Relevancy isn't high right now, though.)

I'm still trying to work out the logistics with the early pages, since I started posting two pages at a time for Patreon this year. But if all else fails there'll just have to be new posts, instead of gradually rolling them out to the lower tier. Living and learning there.

This year SpiderForest is also doing the Comic of the Week cross promotion again. For the first week I've got the following adventure comics for you:
Court of Roses
Court of Roses - A fantasy LGBTQ-friendly fantasy tale following a ragtag troupe of bards formed by their mutual friend, a charismatic–if often drunk–bagpiper, Merlow the Rose, and who knows, mayhaps they’ll solve a murder mystery together! Updates Mondays and Thursdays!

image Sombulus - is about a flippant magic scavenger and two friends he accidentally took along for the ride: a cute tinkerer with the curious ability to talk to machines and a zealous paladin on a quest to defeat him. Follow their surreal magic adventures in worlds of flying toasters and exploding castles!
Of Conquests and Consequences
Of Conquests and Consequences - A coming of age comic with a healthy dose of culture shock mixed in.