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Aside from exciting tales of our last fishing trip there are quite a lot of things I want to talk about today!

Inktober: I decided to take on the Inktober challenge this year! It’ll be themed for Soul’s Journey and another project I got in the works, Guardians. I haven’t been promoting it too much so far. Mostly because I don’t know when I’ll actually get to do more than just a few pictures here and there. I’ll start with simple things in order to get used to just inking! I’ll post the daily ink drawing on my Twitter and on my Concept Corner (there is more stuff from Guardians available there, too).

Patreon: I don’t know how much attention you pay to the Patreon, but I didn’t post the early pages for the most of september. There are several reasons. For one thing I decided to give the Patreon an overhaul, again. Especially the goals I want to achieve need some rethinking. A lot of the things I mentioned there are already close to being achieved on my own. (Speaking about website upgrade and better art supplies in particular here.) And since I’ll be at it I thought maybe I should give the pledge tiers a few thoughts as well. But since they are something that would concern potential patrons, I figured I’d ask potential patrons – you guys! If there’s anything you’d like to see, please tell me :) (Either in the comments section, social media or email.)

Last but not least: I really wanted to thank all of you fort he past nine months! It’s been a blast, despite a few obstacles along the way! I had lots of fun and learned a lot of things while making this comic. And I’m so glad that I had the courage to leap into the cold waters and just keep swimming :D

(So much to talk about this week… I hope I didn’t forget anything!)

I did forget something! I'll make this quick : on tuesday I put a pseudo soundtrack for Soul's Journey together, which you can find here!