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And now.... I leave you hanging :D As I hinted or even announced throughout theupdates of the past two weeks, I'll put the comic on hiatus for a while, so I can finish up working on my bachelor thesis and build some sort of buffer after that again. Regular updates will resume on August 11th. That's the plan at least.

In the meanwhile I can offer you two things.

  1. Read through comics I have linked on the links page. I added three new ones this week: image image image

  2. Participate in the contest I'll hold during the hiatus! The exact specifications will be announced here next week, instead of a regular update. But here's what it'll be about: The before-mentioned Princess Vivianne will (relatively) soon have her debut in the comic and she's in need of three Ladies-in-waiting. Well technically speaking they are there, but they're faceless and without clothes and hair, still. For that contest I'll provide links to resources and reference as well as a pose-base (which you can alter in any way you want) for those that fear drawing humans will hold them back, but I also welcome you to draw everything yourself once the contest officially starts next week. (Or this week on Patreon.)

That much for a little heads-up :) I'm still over the prizes, but the three winning designs will of course be featured in the comic and credited+linked (if you want that).