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Well here we are again - end of break/hiatus and a new page :)

The contest (go to the previous page to see it, it's going to be removed from the archives once it's over, though) didn't yield any entries so far - but it's technically still going till my midnight tonight. If any of you have ideas and just didn't manage on time, I'd be willing to accept them after closing time, too. :) Otherwise, I'll just have to get the designs done on the fly :)

Now that the hiatus is over and most of the uni stuff with it (hopefully) I also figured I might wanna do some kind of tighter schedule for posting stuff on Patreon. Anything you'd love to see?

And now for the big announcement! The SpiderForest Webcomic Collective is accepting applications till August 22nd! image (click the picture for further information :D)