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The survey ended last weekend, I notified the winner of the giveaway already and I got some very good ideas from your answers - thanks again to those who took part in it!

In case you're interested in commissioning me, decide quickly! Depending on how a few things develope over the next week I might not have them open for much longer!

I also put up some experimental ad-banners beneath the Project Wonderful ad, if anybody notices anything funny tell me. They're still in development and I volunteered running them for testing :)

So on to this week's Comics of the Week: image
LaSalle's Legacy
- Two brothers versus one zombie pirate holding a very big grudge against their father.

And then there's the comic you're already at! That's right Soul's Journey is one of this week's Comics of the Week :)

(Also I have posted 100th page of this comic to Patreon last weekend!)