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Got some good news in storage! Starting next week I'll have a job again - regular working times and income. For that I'll have to move, though, which requires a lot of work to be done. For the time being I'll have a small temporary place to stay and all - so I can take things relatively slow.

The comic hopefully won't have to skip updates over this. I currently have a few pages in my buffer that should tide me over nicely (you can also see them if you sign up for my Patreon). I'll also have my old laptop with me to work on upcoming pages and update the website. As all my stuff is backed up to a cloud storage, too, I can if necessary schedule the updates by phone. Nevertheless I'm thinking about taking the week between christmas and new year off from updating. Nothing set in stone yet, all depends on the next few weeks, but it's a possibility.

All in all I'm thrilled with how everything is turning out right now :)

In more good news: this is the 100th page of the comic, counting the double spread page as two seperate pages - which I intend to do right now :D

Comics of the Week is taking a break this week - but I'll have some next week again :)